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>> it needs to present this gospel of good news, as the pope said yesterday, gospel of love, in a positive compelling way, suggesting to the secular world there is more to life than me, myself and i, that a larger aspiration might actually lead to a happier human life. that will take a missionary and evangelical hope to put a face on the evangelical fervor that is already felt throughout the church including in the united states. let's underscore that. the church is vital and lively in america. >> we have a few more moments as we watch as the pope has entered clementine hall at the vatican and expected to spend a few moments greeting these cardinals who have been beside his side, a pope beloved, scholar, somebody with a searing intellect. how much of a shocker was it in
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these parts that he decided to step down? >> on a scale of 1-10, it was a 10. we were shocked. >> and here we are, so much momentous work to be done in rome over these next few weeks as the cardinals gather in a conclave to choose a successor to the pope. we'll check back with you. moret of people are very, very upset, because people need to work from home. because they have other obligations, and -- >> there was a time when nobody worked from home unless you were a farmer. and then you worked at your farm. so a lot of people don't remember that that was the norm. that was very much the norm. and this is a new phenomenon going on in the workplace. >> and it's making it so a lot of people who have families and things like that can balance and work together. >> yes. >> it's caused a big stir. and your thoughts on the stir? >> well, i have mixed emotions on this. because, you know how i feel about trying to be fair to every -- to everybody involved.
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she's worked very long and very hard and she's to become a ceo. she is one of only 20 women in the country that are women ceos. so i think for all of us as women should be grateful that some of them have gotten through that ceiling and are actually working as ceos. she makes an awful lot of money. she has won $117 million over the next five years. so -- >> big salary. >> but here's the point. she didn't start out as a ceo. she started out like everybody else, you know, working her way up. so she as now a ceo -- i don't think we would be having this discussion at all if she weren't a woman. because what was it, jack welch, what did he used to do at general electric? he used to cut -- >> his mandate was he would cut the bottom 10% because he said the bottom 10% weren't as productive so number one, they didn't really fit in the company right and said they would be happier elsewhere becausthey should be doing better than they are. >> yeah. so i think she has the right as
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a ceo to run her company the way she thinks it's best run, because she is beholden to the shareholders. it's a public company. so i respect that. the stock, when she started was $16.64 a share. today it's up 33%. to $21 a share. so if you're a shareholder, you say, i like what she's doing with our company. if you happen to be somebody that's gotten used to having that time at home, you don't like it. i can see it from everybody's perspective. but the truth is, she has the right to make that choice. to benefit her company. >> i think if you're -- i think the whole thing is, you should -- employees work the best when they're happy. okay? and some people are, you know -- you feel like someone trusts you. if you feel like, look, i'm not a good work from home person. i'm not good at it, i'll admit it, i'm on the phone, and i watch soaps. other people work. >> "days of our lives." >> mom, are you watching marlena, i get into it. others are good at working from home. it shows a trust. here's the thing.
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if the productivity is down because people are working from home and there is an issue there. but if there are people who are very productive in their house and don't have to commute, which takes an hour sometimes back and forth -- two hours when you could be working. >> all good, good points. >> there are a lot of good reasons. and i think to make a blanket statement like now we're no longer having that policy and don't you think other companies will look at that going maybe that works. >> she has got to be vince lombardi and say this is my football field, my team. there are reports that there was a lot of slacking off at yahoo! a lot of waste, a lot -- and she is trying to get her ship in shape. i'm not saying it's a choice i would make. i think i would have liked to have gone to everybody and said, listen, you guys, we've got a big problem with slacking off. i'm going to give you guys an opportunity. this is what our tammy would do. of course -- tamsville. >> we want to point out tammy is the head of our show, female head of our show. people were writing in yesterday, and this is going off point for a second. because another guy who works here named davy was telling us
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to wrap the show up. dave doesn't run the show. dave is a guy who points at us. and tells us -- okay? tammy runs the show, and dave sleeps through it. >> he points -- really, really well. he's told by somebody in our control booth, you know -- it's time to go. we've got to wrap. >> he's usually napping. >> so our female ceo right here, tammy, runs our ship. but i do think -- >> and she runs it extremely well, and she as a working mom says a day i get to work at home means a great deal to me much. >> i know it does. but steve birk, who is our ceo here at comcast, could say yes or no to the fact that she could do that. that's why you're a ceo. >> but -- >> you take the blame when things go wrong and you take a lot of money when things go well. >> if seems to me if somebody is productive at home, why shouldn't they work at home? if they're productive? >> it's up to the ceo to decide. >> how does she know what everybody is doing? >> maybe she does. how do we know what she knows?
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>> i know what she knows. so -- that's what i like to say i know. >> i do know one thing, people work really, really hard and two-income families and it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet. and i feel for everybody. but, you know, we live in a world where there's a certain system in place. and it's -- it may not seem fair to people. but she put in the hours or else she really slept her way up to the top. i don't know. even that way, honey, you pay. you know what i'm saying? >> the thing about an internet company, part of what was so magical about those companies are, you could work from different places. people talked about that. that's what made internet companies so cool and hip and neat. you could take your laptop, you could go outside, go in your home. >> but this world is evolving. you and i can't do our job from home. >> no, but i'm talking about her people and her job. that was part of the appeal of the internet. >> and they were losing in the marketplace. their company was going into the toilet. she had to do something. >> i just wonder if that was the thing to do. i'm just saying.
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and i know a lot of other people who work from home, from other companies are nervous that if my company does that, i'm scared. >> well -- >> because if my child has a sniffly nose and can't get into daycare, i don't want to call a babysitter and try to figure out how to work it all out. >> i feel for everybody. >> i like yelling. just getting louder and louder. >> you know the thing about feminism? feminism started out about choice. we said we want the same choices men have. we want it, we want equality in the workplace. and everybody loves feminism until somebody makes a choice that's different from the one you would make. well -- >> i'm not saying her choice is right, hoda. i'm saying she has the right to make it. she is the head of that, and she is answerable to that board of directors and all of her shareholders. >> and her employees. >> and her employees. but they have the choice to leave if they would like to get a different -- >> no, they don't. >> you can leave a job. this is not a gulag. >> you can leave a job, but where are you going? there is a terrible economy. you have to stay. you have no choice.
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trapped, trapped. nowhere to go. >> like we are. >> just like we are. trapped. >> i'm not trapped, baby. maybe you feel that way. but i don't feel trapped. i feel grateful to have a job. >> i do too. >> grateful to make a living. >> grateful to be with me? >> grateful i'm not trapped. >> okay. >> you know who's not trapped by facial hair anymore? and please don't e-mail like i don't care about people. it is not about that at all. it is not about that. i do. and i wish things were perfect for everybody. they're not. and i'm just trying to be fair. >> i know you are. but let's talk about something trivial that doesn't matter. okay. ben affleck's beard. >> as the country goes into the toilet, sure. >> this is very important, though. because do you think he looked fetching with his beard? did you like it? >> i really like ben affleck, i think he's incredibly talented, not my type and i'm sure jennifer garner is going to be so thrilled to know i'm not a threat. but i like him without the beard best. >> me too. i do too. this is what -- the are different levels. that's the full beard from "argo," that's the scruffy look in the middle and the other is clean.
2:14 am
we actually did a klg& poll. >> because we thought it was important. >> that's what we poll on. we didn't poll on the other thing. we polled on this. apparently most people like him clean-shaven. >> yes. and everybody made a big thing about -- sorry. phlegm. george clooney -- ahhh! >> gross. >> fry the fish! no, that george clooney -- stop waving to us. no, no, we're just going to say no. george clooney has got a beard for a role that he's about to play. and we want to say, if you watch "top chef" you're familiar with quick-fire wines. by turlotto vineyards. it's the name of one of the challenges of the show and we are drinking it to celebrate their finale tonight. >> tonight? >> i've got -- this is not the chardonnay. we both have the pinot noir. >> firgs first time all nine past "top chef" winners are duking it out. >> they're duking it out, our boss and the guy who points at
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us. >> tammy, ceo, what do you want us to do? >> go to break? >> not the new kid on the block. >> donnie wahlberg who is a ceo is here. but first these messages. ♪ what did i do with my last fii was a dietician..... a housekeeper... a pediatrician... yeah, that was a third degree booboo a housekeeper... a sanitation engineer... a housekeeper... good thing i had 5-hour energy to keep me going. what will you do with your next five hours? went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs. but she's got one a day women's, a complete multivitamin donnie wahlberg skyrocketed because our focus is you.
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then find out how to get lunesta for as low as fifteen dollars at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. donnie wahlberg skyrocketed to fame in the 1980s as part of the boy band new kids on the block. when the band broke up, he turned his talents to acting. >> now he's touring with "bluebloods" and he is back on tour with the guys in the band. and executive producer and creator of a brand-new sers for tnt called "boston's finest." >> late '80s we skyrocketed to fame. >> oh, really. >> google it. okay. >> so you -- >> get over yourself, boy band
2:18 am
wonder. >> so now mr. executive producer, this is -- >> ceo, hoda. >> quite a few things. how does it feel to be running the show on this? >> it's fun. it's such a huge endeavor to do something like this. first of all, to shoot police officers at work. it takes a great team, and i'm not the only executive producer. there are other people, and we have a great, great team involved. but -- >> you can't be there all the time. >> no. >> you're busy. >> no, people always ask, do you do ride-alongs. what am i going to do, pull up on a crime scene, guys with guns, there's donnie wahlberg, get him. >> i love how you were under pressure because you wanted to do this reality show, you wanted to do something that really sort of was the essence of where you grew up in boston. you were under pressure to do some really creepy things about boston. >> well, yeah. you know -- you go around to tv networks and they all want, you know, the trashy, you know -- ex wives of south boston. and this and that. so i really didn't want to do
2:19 am
that. i wanted to do something great. i'm very proud of my city. i also am working on a great cop show in new york. i kind of owe boston one, as well. >> and you have respect for the law enforcement. >> absolutely. >> you -- tell us about the run-in that changed -- >> i played so many cops, first of all in my career that i've gotten to work with cops who teach me and are technical advisers. and we learn -- as actors, we want to play the emotion of the moment and this and that. but when you play a cop, it's really important to get in touch with what really matters, which is to do their job to the best of their abilities, make sure they don't let their brothers and sisters on the force down. and to get home safe to their families. going into boston, i knew that was what was most important to these officers and anything we did that compromised that would be a problem. whether on screen or off. in terms of cameras being in their way and jeopardizing their safety. and what we show as a product in the end. i want -- these officers are from the neighborhoods i grew up in, risk their lives everyday. and i want to do them proud. >> were they quick to go along with this? this is one of those things you're not sure if you should go with it. if something bad goes down, it's
2:20 am
on tape. >> absolutely. they were -- it's interesting. because some officers were quick to go with it. but they didn't quite know what that meant. and slowly i think it was really a thing about trust. i think the city, the powers that be in the city let me and my team produce this show because they trusted, i'm a local boy. i'll do right by the city. they are. and the officers we had to earn their trust. you know, riding along with them at first, the first few weeks, they didn't say much. and the funny thing, i kept getting e-mails, me and my fellow executive producers getting e-mails here in new york saying there is no crime happening. there is no crime. no one is getting robbed. we're not getting anything great. and i was like, well, the mayor is going to be happy, but tnt is not going to be happy. >> we should point out you're going to sing again. you guys are getting together. a bunch of boy bands together, yeah? >> yeah. >> is that strange to go from such a different world right back into the old -- with the choreography? come on. >> i love it.
2:21 am
i have worked since i was 14 years old. i became the founding member of new kids on the block when i was 14, which is -- i don't even know what decade that was in. ♪ memory but i worked my whole life to be doing the things i'm doing, but now they come to fruition at the same time. as a dad. >> you earned it. >> and i want to take advantage of it while it's here. you know, things are good. and this is, you know -- i feel like this is what i've always wanted to have happen. >> we believe you -- >> give my love to tom selleck. >> the greatest. >> all right. boston's finest premiers tonight on tnt. and get ready to laugh. >> is this you? >> go, go. ♪ >> my slacks are tight today. >> hop on, hoda. ♪ this is amazing, how did you find us? i thought we might be related, so i had a fiber analysis done and sure enough, we're family. but you're not even shredded. you're...crunchy?! that happens sometimes.
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we're back. it's time to take a look at the wacky photos that make you say -- >> what the what?
2:26 am
>> sara has carefully combed through the three. and here are the three that are the top picks of the week. >> our first photo comes from randy from myrtle beach, south carolina. is this what it means when a thief fences? it's like the new planking, ba dum-bum. >> she saw that gentleman in myrtle beach riding it down the road. >> he is taking it to his mom who needs a front gate. >> you're giving him the benefit of the doubt and i like that. >> the next is from vicki from kentucky. i'm suddenly not so hungry. there might be something at b3 that's probably not edible. >> is that -- maybe it is. >> is that a condom? >> i don't think they come in edible. >> oh, yeah, they do. [ laughter ] >> flavored, maybe. but no. next we have a photo from ally from carlsbad, california. >> oh, my god. >> wait a minute. >> i'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to be used. >> she comforts herself by
2:27 am
getting in the bottom, so the mom put her in there and she fell asleep and it worked. >> she liked it down there. >> and there is another baby in the top, right? >> yeah, another baby up there, but i feel like the middle one is having middle child syndrome. i can relate. doesn't get attention, and going to the bottom -- >> when you're that little, your body bends. >> when is the last time you fit in one of those? >> hey, watch it. >> kim warner from mt. joy, pennsylvania sent us this photo. >> private sign. do not read. >> too late. too late. >> that's cute. >> that was on harrisburg, pennsylvania. finally, lisa timerman from -- >> the hairy april a -- ape hair design. >> seriously, where did you get your hair done? the hairy ape. sometimes you feel like that when you walk in. >> oh, my gosh. >> maybe they do waxing. >> hoda, worse! >> every time we went to this restaurant, this guy was on his bike, he was wearing a rug on his back. i wanted to stop and wax the guy. i really did. >> ooh! >> 40-year-old virgin, a scene from the movie.
2:28 am
>> we're going to come back right after this. we are going to en-joy ourself. the combination with joy bauer. and the cat in the hat is here. so there you have that. ♪ ♪
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♪ and we are back on this winesday wednesday. we are playing "who knew" in honor of two special events this saturday, the birthday of the beloved author dr. seuss and national read across america day. kathie lee is across the street and ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. and to those who don't, they get a copy of dr. seuss' book, "the 500 hats of bartholomew cub ins." helping me out in the studio is -- the cat in the hat! who we just found out doesn't speak. so this is going to be very,
2:31 am
very interesting. all right, kath, over to you. >> after working with me, you would probably find that to be delightful, right? >> uh-huh. >> this lovely lady is from new orleans, hoda. name two dr. seuss books that have become major motion pictures. "the grinch" and "the cat in the hat." >> the grinch that what? >> that stole christmas. >> yes, she's got that right. and the other ones, in case, "the lorax", "horton hears a who", and that's it. are those right? i guess that's a yes. this is going to be a lot of fun. back over to kath. >> for once i'm glad i came over in the rain. what is the overall best-selling dr. seuss book? "cat in the hat,"" oh, the places you'll go" or "green eggs and ham" or "one fish two fish"? >> "green eggs and ham"? >> yes! >> yes, she's got it.
2:32 am
the correct answer is "green eggs and ham." now, do you like green eggs and ham? oh, yes. that's a yes. back over to kath. >> he's great, huh? philadelphia right? okay. finish this famous phrase from "green eggs and ham." i do not like green eggs and ham. >> i do not, my name is sam i am? >> close enough. >> that was not right! >> i told them they could cheat. >> no, no. that was not right. that wasn't correct. i don't know if we saw that. the correct answer is, i do not like them, sam i am. is that right? okay. this is really fascinating. back over to kath. >> where are you from, hon? >> brooklyn. >> dr. seuss won a $50 bet with
2:33 am
his publisher by writing a book with only 50 words. >> false? [ buzzer ] >> everybody here telling you true. but you didn't cheat. god bless you, i'm giving them both to you. >> all right, yes, it is true. "green eggs and ham" is the book. and 49 words with one syllable words. can you say one one-syllable word? okay. this is fine. let's go over to kath. >> a lady from delaware, ohio. i like cheating. this is fun! what was dr. seuss' really name? bartholomew cubbins, theodor geisel, or sam horton? or john hjohn hershey? >> sam horton. [ buzzer ] >> everybody is yelling, but doggone it, she didn't cheat, and i'm giving them both to her! >> you see how good this is? just so we know. seuss happens to be theodor geisel's middle name, right? right?
2:34 am
is that yes? yes, that's -- yes. back over to kath. >> you need that for your real hoda when you're looking for your next job. what was the name of the last book dr. seuss published? this lady is from australia, by the way. was it "fox in socks," "if i ran the zoo", "oh, the places you'll go" or "hop on pop." >> c, "the places you'll go"? >> i think that's right, yes. >> which by the way was published in 1990. anyway, why don't you just hug me? it's over. okay, oh, thank you, cat. we are going to be right back after this. we're going to talk to the boss in the boardroom. talking to the donald right after this. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't?
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a housekeeper... a sanitation engineer... a housekeeper... good thing i had 5-hour energy to keep me going. what will you do with your next five hours?
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donald trump is back in the boardroom with an all-star edition of his nbc hit show, "the celebrity apprentice."
2:39 am
>> this time the donald has brought back some of the biggest celebrity egos in music, tv, sports and entertainment and they're all ready to get fired again! >> they keep coming back for this. great to see you. >> we have one brett who won and decided he wanted to do it again and i thought it was crazy. bret michaels, great guy. he won and he came back. and so let's see what happens with him. but i thought it was crazy to do that. but he's competitive and wanted to win more money because we raised millions. >> it's for charity. >> and also you said the word crazy. let's just talk about the other crazies on here. you take -- do you have lloyds of london insuring gary busey? >> he's great and dennis rodman. >> he's safe in north korea right now. >> he likes the north koreans more than us. a little bit different. but dennis is fantastic. >> was it tough to pick? you had a lot of people who have been canned. >> we did. but it was easy this time, actually, because it's an all-star version so we picked
2:40 am
the best people. >> oh, you did. >> so it just worked out fantastically well. and the show, we've shot really a lot of the show, we've had i guess -- we're going to have three or four episodes at the end, at least a couple that will be live. this way nobody -- this way nobody can tell you who won. they can't come out and say, oh -- >> it gets out. >> you know who is on again is amarosa. the big demon of the early seasons. >> i'm in love with amarosa. you know that. amarosa is great. she is evil. she is sinister. one of the -- >> reminds you of someone. >> who? >> who does she remind you of? >> i don't think anybody. but she has got some edge that's just unique. i think tv guide, one said the most evil person in the history of reality television. think of it. and she loves the title. >> she is one of the original ones. >> yeah, she is fantastic. >> and what's -- >> and by the way, she's really crazy-bad in this one. >> she is? >> yeah. and it's funny, because usually the first episode, sunday, you sort of -- >> everybody is feeling each other out.
2:41 am
>> this is the best one we've ever had. and it starts with amarosa and piers. >> and piers won one time. >> look at piers he won, and then larry king and trace atkins, number one country singer, right up there. all of them. john rich is doing well. joan rivers has done fantastically. and arsenio hall has his own show now. >> so you're kind of a launching pad for these guys? >> you know what i get? nothing. >> don't even send flowers. >> then they think what do you think of donald trump? we don't like him. unbelievable. >> and you care. oh, how -- it hurts your feelings, and it breaks your heart. >> you weigh in on so many things. you weighed in on seth macfarlane at the oscars. you did not like that performance. >> i like seth a lot, actually. and i thought he was good. i didn't like the glamour of the whole thing and seth was the roast master on comedy central and did well. seth is really great. i'd like to see glamour.
2:42 am
i hated the set. it was so tacky. it was terrible. i hated the set. and i just thought, you know, old hollywood, the days of "gone with the wind," clark gable. vivian leigh. >> gregory peck was not there. >> you know the girl is fantastic, wonderful, but falls. so lying on her face so something missing with the glamour, do we agree? >> glamour wasn't there. >> well, we love you. >> i agree with you. although he does sing well. and he does a nice soft shoe. >> no, i think he's wonderful. i like him. >> wish you good luck. >> i think this sunday night at 9:00, 8:00 central. >> it is. on nbc. so tune in. >> we have to go. >> because we have to enjoy. >> yes, our fit ladies are back. and dropping weight. >> they are crazy. >> disappearing before our eyes. >> yes. >> go, girl. yes! good morning to you. i'm meteorologist crystal egg where the weather channel walking you through your seven-day forecast. winter storm rocky still hanging on today. that means more snow around the
2:43 am
lakes. although any additional accumulation is going to be very minor here. we will see more snow coming east of the lakes and more rain. new york city up into boston today. cold air coming all the way down to parts of the south. it's going to be 42 in louisville getting much colder in the southeast as we head into the weekend. meanwhile warming up in the west. 70s and even around 80 by the weekend in los angeles and san diego. on friday we're not going to see a lot more snow in the northeast. it will be more spotty by nature. but we're not going to completely dry out just yet. and eventually we'll see some showers move into the tennessee valley, more of a rain-snow mix expected in places like knoxville. look at how much cooler it's getting already. 31 in chicago. we'll be at 67 in orlando. enjoy that, because by the weekend temperatures continue to go down. here's your saturday forecast. looking at some snow for the appalachians, possibly. it's going to be minor. then all the way down into the great smoky mountains of tennessee and north georgia, may
2:44 am
see half an inch to even an inch of accumulation if we can get that in the morning on saturday. then we warm things up a bit in the afternoons. so we'll be above freezing, especially sunday at noon at 45. then we see the next system come into the northwest. more rain on the way for seattle. this storm will track across the northern part of the country by early nexteek. preliminary spread snow into the high plains here. temperatures stay on the chilly side for the northern part of the country. and we'll see temperatures slowly climb in the southeast getting up to 63 on tuesday in atlanta after a very chilly weekend. we've got more rain pushing through as well. you can get the very latest on these forecasts weekday mornings. wake up with al and stephanie at 5:30 on the weather channel. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw...
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♪ >> we're back with week five of our enjoy getting fit series. while we were in l.a. for a couple weeks, our girls were working hard to stay in shape.
2:47 am
and we are happy to be back with them. and just to remind you, team hoda is yelena, jessica and mindy. >> and team kathie lee is zakiya, heidi and kathy, who is with us via skype. >> why? >> some black ice and she broke her ankle in three places so she is going to rest up. we're happy to see her. >> still going strong, by the way. >> our master of ceremonies is here. >> hello. everybody has been asking, what are these beautiful women doing to lose the weight? so i just want to remind people, on your website, klg&, there is the meal plan. it's formulated for effective weight loss. there's omelets and burgers, spinach lasagnes. >> lots of variety. >> and they all have pedestrian op terse and eve-- pedometers ay day they are responsible for 12,000 steps.
2:48 am
so they don't have to go to the gym, don't have to go on the floor and do push-ups or situps, but they do have to walk 12,000 steps. >> how can cathy do that with a broken ankle? >> cathy is excused from the walking but doing arm circles. >> how far is 12,000 steps? >> six miles. >> of walking. >> yeah, and obviously it's working. these girls are shrinking. >> let's talk weight loss. how is everyone doing! >> fabulous! >> okay. so we're going to start with yelena. >> hey. >> so she started at 145 pounds. she is now 130 pounds. she has lost 15 pounds! >> that's extraordinary. good for you. >> 15 pounds since -- >> that's fantastic. >> next we have jessica, started at 206. she is now 196. >> good job! >> she's down ten pounds. >> i know. >> amazing. >> mindy, started at 198. she is now 176. she is down 22 pounds. >> wow. we're going to have to beat this girl. >> zakiya. she started at 235. she is now 224. she is down 11 pounds.
2:49 am
and last but not least, we have heidi. heidi started at 182. today she is 162! she is down 20 pounds! >> how about kathie we're going to hold because she can't get on the scale. she is going to wobble back in next week and we'll have a weigh-in for her. she is going strong and i have high hopes. >> we're going to come back. we're going to have a little bit of a challenge after this. we're going to take a commercial break and bring back our food challenge after this. >> and see who can dish it out best. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep.
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2:53 am
we are back with part two of our enjoy getting fit series and time for a blind taste test. >> each team created its own recipes using joy's unlimited food. we have to decide which we like the best without knowing which team made which dish. >> and unlimited foods are foods you can eat with abandon, even when trying to lose weight because they're so low-calorie, the nonstarchy vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and kale and spinach, chicken broth and vinegars and mustards and wasabi.
2:54 am
so they really brainstormed, they got very creative. >> what is this? >> this is a zucchini linguine, sauteed, cut up like spaghetti, sauteed in oil spray with garlic and onion powder with marinara sauce. >> oh, my gosh, i would eat that instead of pasta in a second. >> and all these recipes will be on my website and yours, and i'll put them on twitter and facebook. >> delicious. >> this is a roasted tomato and garlic pureed soup. so the tomatoes were roasted in the oven with onions and garlic and then put into a pot with all sorts of seasonings and pureed. >> that's good too. >> a freebie. a total freebie. >> let's live here for a minute. we wish we -- >> really -- wine. >> that's delicious too. >> wine wasn't on the unlimited list. >> when you say unlimited -- >> there's no justice in this world. >> they're so low, the calories are so low in these items, you don't even have to count them towards anything. .
2:55 am
you can eat in all day long? >> all day long. >> that's better than pasta. >> come on over here. this one is called shanghai stir fry. it's all sorts of vegetables and water chestnuts and bok choy and sugar snap peas and peppers, sauteed with wasabi, fresh ginger and low sodium chicken broth and soy sauce. >> good too. >> you know what? the ginger is one of those things i think that adds such a zing. >> what a dilemma. >> it makes the kitchen smell divine. >> one more bite. >> so this one is very clever. this is a fresh salsa, chopped up tomatoes, with all sorts of things like a salsa, but instead of carby calorific chips, lettuces to scoop it up. >> so now you have a choice of four recipes. you don't know which team submitted which. >> very spicy. >> wait, i have a question. what are we doing?
2:56 am
are we supposed to pick the one we like or the table? >> no, there's one winner out of the four recipes. and you two are going to -- >> so all as one. >> each team submitted two. there is only one winner. >> we have two minutes. >> oh. >> if we need a tie-breaker, we call in sara. >> we have to try again. >> this was really good. >> this is a zucchini linguini. >> i like the name. a nice -- >> it's just like pasta. and it's guilt-free. so-low calorie. >> one second. >> you guys, this is a little stressful. >> intense! >> it wasn't easy. we want to point out how it was not easy at all to pick. we did it in seven seconds. no, every one is delicious. but -- >> for me, why it was easier for me? because if there had been one less ingredient -- there was one ingredient in each one of those
2:57 am
two that i didn't like. so right off the bat, you guys wouldn't know -- there is a flavor i don't like. so that was off-putting for me. although it was delicious. >> i was torn. i loved the gingery taste of that. of the stir fry. that was delicious and light. but i like comfort foods. >> come on, pick one! >> i like comfort foods -- >> takes us to this table. >> we're going to move over here. >> oh! >> and we're -- the winner is -- zucchini linguine! >> oh! >> team hoda! >> so tell me about the zucchini linguine. >> my daughter told me she never had such delicious pasta before in her life. she said mommy, i love this spaghetti. >> yeah. >> i'm telling you, i could eat that instead of spaghetti. >> do you see what i'm saying? that's why everyone is dropping weight. zucchini linguine. >> i'm going to tweet out and put on facebook all four of these award-winning recipes.
2:58 am
>> you're joy bauer. >> because we love food. >> coming up tomorrow, you guys, ambush makeovers and guess who is coming? >> jason kennedy. i love him. >> also tv producer mark burnett why now? >> i have been spending my whole life trying to not wake up crazy. jeff: inside her very personal documentary, running from crazy. >> that was my normal. my family's so crazy. jeff: plus, how she finally found balance. >> i need to live my life. jeff: and it shows. >> our message is about simplicity. jeff: life is good. [ applause ] hello, hello! roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] jeff: all right. a little about me.
2:59 am
i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. [ applause ] welcome to the show. thank this is an nbc news special report. the resignation of pope benedict xvi. here is savannah guthrie. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie live at the vatican with an nbc news special report. it's noon here in rome, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast and pope benedict xvi is wrapping up his final meeting with the college of cardinals right now before he officially steps down as leader of the catholic church later today. let's get to nbc's keir simmons here in st. peter's square. good morning. what have we been seeing this mo

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